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Irrunytju CRC

Irrunytju (Wingellina) is located 12 kilometres from the tri-state border (NT/SA/WA) with a population of between 80 and 150 people.  The Community Resource Centre is located in the NG Media complex.  Visitors are able to access basic services like internet banking and social media as well as receive training in a variety of media based software.

Upcoming Classes

How to use Skype


Skype is a program that lets you phone your friends using the internet. You can make voice calls just like on a phone or video calls where you can see each other at the same time.

When: 01 February 2016 - 16 December 2016

Basic computing


Come in and learn basic computer and internet skills like using Microsoft Word, Google search, and Gmail. We'll help you get started.

When: 01 February 2016 - 16 December 2016

Using Internet Banking


New to using internet banking?  We will help you get set up and started.  Just need some help?  You can find help here.

When: 01 February 2016 - 16 December 2016

Upcoming Events

No current events. See a full list of NG Media events.

Contact Details

Ph: (08) 8956 7307

Open Hours

10:00am -12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm

Monday to Friday

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Community Resource Centre Manager

Hinerangi Tukere

Hinerangi is the manager of the Irrunytju Community Resource Centre in Wingellina.


  • Computer & Internet Access
  • Community Information
  • Ara Irititja
  • USB memory sticks for sale
  • Help with digital devices
  • Healthy Yarns
  • Visual Network
  • USB-Phone connectors for sale
  • Scanning
  • Bingo Nights
  • Westlink
  • Printing & Laminating for sale